Mrs. Alissa Hall

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Alissa Hall earned her Master’s degree in speech-language pathology and has worked in the 1:1 setting for over 8 years, where she diagnosis and treats children who have communication disorders 1-21 years of age. She organized and led small-group language and literacy summer camps in her graduate program at the University of South Florida. In 2019, Alissa attended a 30 hour comprehensive Orton -Gillingham training course through IMSE, and has incorporated individualized reading intervention into one-on-one therapy sessions.

In 2020 her work transitioned from face-to-face to virtual and since that time her students of all ages and abilities continued to progress with their language and literacy skills from home. She also has taught English to children of all ages in China, virtually and through that experience has learned ways to truly connect with students from a distance while keeping lessons engaging. As a lifelong learner, Alissa is currently pursuing further reading intervention certifications and stays up to date with evidence based practice in both the science of reading (SoR) as well as communication disorders.

In addition to reading intervention, Alissa has experience evaluating and treating a variety of communication disorders including: speech articulation, stuttering, late-talking/language delay, expressive and receptive language disorders.


My Philosophy

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to help students, all students

inclusive services respectful of all backgrounds and abilities


instruction is focused on

your child as an individual

highlighting his/her unique strengths and needs pertaining to communication and/or reading

encourage & celebrate

I will guide, encourage, and celebrate your child as they build confidence in each step of the intervention process


More about me....


Get to know me:

"In my free time I like DIY art projects and enjoy hiking around exploring at nature preserves and state parks. Fun fact-We have a pineapple garden and celebrate the cutting of our homegrown pineapples annually with friends or family!

I met my husband while in high school. Some call us "high-school sweethearts," but since we went to different high schools nearby we never really considered it that! We got married in 2017 and now have a very energetic teddy-bear puppy, and two equally as energetic sons!

As a SLP, reading tutor, and mother I seek to empower students, & parents and caregivers in all I do. I strive to equip others with the knowledge and strategies I am so passionate about while supporting your child in reaching his or her full academic potential."

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"Let's make your child's next chapter even better together"

- Mrs. Alissa